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About Us

Welcome to BakerStoneBox.com, the home of The Pizza Oven Box, brought to you by BakerStone International.

We are a product development company, with offices in the USA and Canada, that specializes in bringing you innovative cooking products that are designed with quality, convenience, ease of use, and of course, delicious results in mind.

We are extremely excited to bring you a product that enables you to replicate the effects of a wood-fired brick oven, commercial deck pizza oven or convection oven, and do so at a fraction of the cost.

We look forward to seeing the wonderful pizzas, breads, steaks, roasted vegetables, and delicious baked treats that you are able to produce with The Pizza Oven Box.

Stay tuned for updates on The Pizza Oven Box and other exciting products in the future!

Cheers & Happy Pizza Making!

The BakerStone Team



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